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Sales Syntax Installation:

Sales Syntax is *INCLUDED* in many auto installers that are included in hosting control panel systems. With your hosting account you should have a auto installer included that allows you to install open source applications with one click installation. The list of installer programs that include Sales Syntax keeps growing but here is a basic of auto installers that offer Sales Syntax as a one click installation: Fantastico, Simple Scripts, Softaculous,
Network solutions, installatron, zackyinstaller

So the easiest way to install Sales Syntax is to first check with your hosting company and see if you can install Sales Syntax using a auto-installer provided in your hosting control panel. If you need to compair hosting companies that offer this you can visit website hosting solutions control panels.

For a video example of how to use a auto installer you can visit: How To Create a live help Site
There is also the option to install sales syntax manually by downloading the free zip and extracting the files and uploading them to your server. You would have to create an empty database for the program to use.
Download FREE STABLE Release version 3.7.0: